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Swenor – World’s #1 rollerski brand available at Skiwax Europe

Swenor – World’s #1 rollerski brand available at Skiwax Europe

Why Swenor? Because rollerskiing should replicate skiing on snow and that's what Swnor has accomplished!

SWENOR rollerskis are famous for their on-snow feel. They earned this reputation because Swenor engineers go to great lengths to develop frames, wheels and bearings that work together to make skiing on asphalt feel like skiing on snow.


The brand's history

Swenor [Sweden/Norway] was established in Sweden in 1981 to provide elite Swedish & Norwegian skiers with a rollerski experience that felt like skiing on snow. In 1994, Swenor’s world headquarters moved to Sarpsborg, Norway, located just a few kilometres from the Swedish border.

Their dedication to replicating the on-snow feel has led them to develop frames, wheels, and bearings that work together seamlessly. Swenor frames are lightweight, low, and dampen harsh road vibrations. The wheels run safely on precision sealed bearings and durably replicate the speed and feel of skiing on even the roughest roads.

Swenor is now distributed in over 15 countries including Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada and the United States.

Swenor is the #1 rollerski brand in the world!



World Cup stars like Billy Demong, Kris Freeman, and Jens Arne Svartedal trust their Olympic dreams to the quality of Swenor products.

Jens Arne, a Norwegian superstar, states, “Unbelievable roller skis! The unique composite body and faultless wheels give me the perfect ski feel.”

Swenor is also an official supplier of the Swedish and Norwegian Cross-Country and Biathlon Teams, as well as the U.S. Ski Team.


Why Rollerski?

Rollerskiing is a fun, low-impact, complete-body exercise that provides all the health and fitness benefits of cross-country skiing without the chills.

It is suitable for all ages and abilities, making it a great option for beginners and more experienced skiers alike.

Rollerskiing now will ensure that you won't need weeks of on-snow time to rediscover your balance, technique, and strength. Instead, you'll find yourself ahead of where you left off last spring, prepared to enjoy the snow from day one.


Buy Swenor rollerski equipment at Skiwax Europe

In conclusion, if you want to take your rollerskiing to the next level and replicate the feeling of skiing on snow, Swenor is the brand for you.

With their dedication to creating rollerskis that mimic the on-snow feel, it's no wonder why they're the #1 rollerski brand in the world.

At Skiwax Europe, you can shop Swenor classic and skate rollerskis, rollerski sets, ferrules and spare parts.


CHECK OUT THE SELECTION HERE: https://www.skiwax.eu/brands/swenor/ 



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