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Skiwax Europe: The ultimate guide for Swenor rollerskis! How to choose the right one? [2023]

Skiwax Europe: The ultimate guide for Swenor rollerskis! How to choose the right one? [2023]

The history behind Swenor rollerskis

Swenor rollerskis company was founded back in 1981 in Sweden.

The professional skiers from Sweden and Norway wanted to have a ski-like experience for their summer training; this has been the goal of the rollerski company since.

In 1994 the production of Swenor rollerskis was moved from Sweden to Norway, Sarpsborg.

Swenor has become one of the most popular rollerski companies in the world, and it supplies with their rollerskis the ski and biathlon teams of Norway, Sweden and the USA.


Famous ski-feeling in summer training

Swenor rollerskis are famous for their real ski-feeling, making the experience as similar as the nordic-skiing on snow.

The soft and flexible frames of the Swenor models provide perfect handling and amazing ski-feeling. The shafts and the soft wheels underwrite the nordic-feeling for summer training.

Because of the long tradition of classic skiing, Swenor offers a great range of rollerskis for training and competition.

But which one should you choose? Don't worry! We've got you covered.


Skate rollerskis:


Most of the people start with skate-type rollerskis because they are designed to simulate freestyle skiing in cross-country.

Skate-type rollerskis usually use skinny wheels, which are made of soft rubber and bearings with built-in resistance.

Swenor offers several options of skate rollerskis that vary in length, ski material, and wheel speed.

Classic rollerskis:


Classic type rollerskis are slightly longer than skate and have wider wheels.

They also have a ratcheting “kicker” in the back wheel to allow you to simulate diagonal stride technique.

Classic rollerskis also have resistance built into the bearings and use a soft rubber in the wheels.

Skiwax Europe offers several options for classic rollerskis that vary in length, ski material, wheel width, and wheel speed.

Rollerskis - what are they made of?


The wheels are formed of Swenor special rubber. The setup also includes aluminium hubs, sealed bearings, axles, spacers, nuts and bolts.

The hardness of rubber depends on the speed of the wheel that you choose.

Good to know: the harder the rubber, the faster the wheel.


Swenor rollerski wheels come in several different speeds:

Rollerski wheels have a built-in resistance to simulate the speed of skiing on snow.

Swenor rollerskis come in speeds from #1 - #4.

#1 is fast
#2 is normal/slow
#3 is extra slow
#4 is the slowest wheel

There is also a racing version of some wheels.

Pro tip: most of the people are best off going with the #2 wheels that come at standard.

Elites and professionals sometimes change out their rear wheels to have #3 wheels in the back for extra resistance.

Skate rollerskis come in two different wheel sizes, while classic comes in three.

For skate rollerskis, there are small and standard-size wheels.

Those models that have smaller wheels are only the junior or mini rollerskis.

Otherwise, all the other Swenor skate rollerskis have the same size 100x25mm wheel.

For classic rollerskis, there are small, standard, and large wheels.

These include a bit of variaton.

Good to know:

smaller wheels = shorter or smaller skiers
standard wheels = fit most skiers (most common)
large wheels = rather exceptional

The material of the rollerski shaft alters the way the rollerskis feel

Most of the rollerskis are made with an aluminium body.

Aluminium bodies are lightweight and stiff platforms for skiing.

Thats why these are the most common choice of professional athletes who are demanding on their equipment.

Higher-end rollerskis, such as our skate elite, feature a wood composite body and aluminium forks.

While these skis are slightly heavier than the aluminium rollerskis, they offer superior vibration dampening and more ski-like flex on snow.

Last but not least, there are also rollerskis made of carbon fibre. This is the ultimate combo of materials, as they are as lightweight and stiff as the aluminium but also have the vibration dampening of the composite skis.


Rollerski bindings

Rollerskis use the same bindings as you would on cross-country skis, with the exception that they should be screwed into the ski.

The wear and tear associated with roller skiing make slide-on bindings unsuitable.

Your bindings should be screwed directly into the rollerskis. The ideal is if you have a set of bindings that use an extra lock like the Rottefella bindings.


How to choose the right rollerskis?


Swenor Skate Aluminum, Skate Long, Skate Extra Long


Swenor Skate Aluminum, Skate Long, Skate Extra Long are top sellers, and for a good reason!

These aluminium skis are perfect, if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck out of your roller skiing experience.

They are also the skis of choice of international clubs and teams buying matched fleets of rollerskis. Wether you are a beginner looking to improve your technique or an elite athlete looking for a rollerski that can withstand training day after day, Swenor Skate Aluminium is the one to go with.

Skate skate aluminium is the shortest of the three and is intended for smaller skiers.

Skate skate long is recommended for everyone between 170cm and 190cm of height.

Skate skate extra-long is for anyone taller than 190cm or weighing about or over 105kg.



Swenor Skate Elite

Swenor Skate Elite are premium rollerskis for the most on-snow feeling of any skate rollerskis.

The skate elite is a wood, fibreglass composite ski that has been a client favourite.

These skis are the choice of those looking to enhance their training by reducing fatigue associated with hitting bumps in the road.


Skate Mini & Junior

These are rollerskis designed for kids and/or smaller skiers.

Skate Mini & Junior are both made of aluminium and use size small Swenor skate wheels.

The Swenor Skate Junior is designed for beginner junior skiers that are not quite big enough yet for the regular Skate aluminium model. These would be suitable for up to 14-year-olds.

The Swenor Skate Mini is an extra small rollerski version for kids of age six and under.


Swenor Alutech Classic and Alutech Elite Classic


Swenor Alutech Classic and Alutech Elite Classic are the rollerskis if you are looking for a bombproof set of classic rollerskis.

Thse are the ones used by everyone from weekend warriors to Olympic athletes.

Much like our aluminium skate rollerskis, these are the choice of clubs buying matched fleets of rollerskis.

Swenor Alutech Classic is the industry standard for aluminium classic rollerskis, and the elite is a longer version of the alutech.

They both use the standard-size classic wheel, which makes them suitable for most skiers.



Swenor Carbonfibre, Fibreglass, Finstep


If you are looking for the most on-snow feeling classic rollerskis, then these are the ones.

The shafts for these three models are all the same length yet are made from different materials.

The carbon fibre is a carbon composite rollerski that delivers on-snow performance with a softer flex and smaller wheels.

Despite this, some larger skiers like using the carbonfibre for the extra feedback it provides.

The Fibreglass is the most popular model of the three and uses the same standard-size wheels as the alutech and alutech elite models with a medium flex.

The Finstep is the largest of the three, featuring the largest wheels of any non-pneumatic rollerski available.

Pro tip: If you find that you are having a hard time deciding between any of these, go with fibreglass.


We hope that this article makes it easier for you to understand and begin with rollerskiing. Our Skiwax Europe team wishes you happy rollerskiing!

Still not sure? Contact Skiwax Europe!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

Thomas Kuus
[email protected]
+372 555 93 842

Skiwax Europe
All for ski preparation!

Original article written by EnjoyWinter.com and can be found here.

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