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NEW! Rex Black Diamond hot melt bicycle chain wax

NEW! Rex Black Diamond hot melt bicycle chain wax

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the new Rex Black Diamond hot wax for bicycle chains at Skiwax Europe!

This wax is specifically designed to provide maximum performance and protection for your bicycle chain.

The advanced formula penetrates deeply into the chain links, creating a durable, long-lasting coating that will resist wear and tear even under the most extreme conditions.


Rex 909 Black Diamond Hot wax

With the synthetic, wax-based Black Diamond chain lubricant, the Finns have already broken all records in the chain durability test!

But resting on their laurels was not an option for the wax specialists from ski racing. 

Even if you might think that ski waxes and chain oils have little in common, they both pursue the same goal: keep frictional resistance as low as possible and prevent dirt and other contaminants from adhering.

With the new Black Diamond Hot Wax, Rex combines 70 years of experience with paraffin ski waxes with the outstanding additives of the liquid Black Diamond chain lubricant.


The Hot Wax consists of 11 base blocks made from a specially tailored paraffin mixture and a Black Diamond additive block so that you can create your own wax mixture.

For the majority of applications, it is advisable to melt all 12 blocks together and soak one or more previously completely degreased chains in the liquid wax (below 100 °C!) for some time. After the chain has cooled, excess wax should be gently wiped off and the chain can be mounted.


Even with this treatment, a chain was able to achieve a mileage of over 1000 kilometers on the test bench at the Zerofriction specialists in dry road conditions, until the wear on the chain increased measurably.

Waxing the chain with a mixture of 4 paraffin blocks with a black diamond block was able to increase the mileage again to almost 1500 kilometers.


Thanks to the carefully coordinated additives, the Black Diamond Hot Wax was also able to set new mileage records in the simulated off-road test.

NOTE: The kilometers achieved on the test stand are possible maximum values up to which the chain still works without excessive wear. However, in order to get a quiet and silky-smooth drive, the chain should be waxed at significantly shorter intervals in everyday use.


Technical specifications:

- Intended use: Lubrication and preservation of chains

- Weather conditions: all weather conditions

- Oil type: Paraffin wax with Black Diamond additives

- Capacity: 480g

- Weight according to the manufacturer: 480g

- Weight weighed: 502g


At Skiwax Europe, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products that are designed to enhance your performance and enjoyment of cycling.

We are confident that the new Rex Black Diamond hot wax for bicycle chains will exceed your expectations and help you take your cycling to the next level.





Skiwax Europe


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