Vauhti HFC15 Powder -1°...-7°C, 30g

hfC-15 Fluor Powder -2°…-12° C/28...10°F

New hfC15 is based on C125 and 330c fluor powder used by the national teams in winter 2011-2012. . Conditions: For all snow types, -1...-7⁰C. Works best on moist, new or fine grained snow.

Temperature: -1°...-7°C
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Use HF or LF wax, suitable for the snow type and humidity, as a base wax. Brush the base wax layer carefully and well with a nylon brush. Finish off with a brass or steel brush and polish the base with a nylon brush before applying the powder. Apply the powder with an iron, recommended iron temperature 170-180⁰C. Let the skis cool down and gently scrape off the excess powder with a dull scraper. Brush a few strokes with a steel brush, remove extra brushing dust and continue with a nylon brush. In wet conditions, finish off with a brass, steel or powder brush.

In low humidity at -4 degrees and lower, rub the ironed powder, when it's still warm, with a hand cork or roto cork. Cool down, scrape lightly and start brushing with a few steel brush strokes and finish off carefully with a nylon brush.

hfC15 powder can also be applied by ironing it in twice, using the same principle as with hfC9. We recommend this method when temperatures are at the milder end of the recommended conditions, and the humidity is high.

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