Maplus LP2 LF Glider Red -3...-7°C, 100g

LP2 - low fluoro paraffins for training and leasure and racing use at low-medium humidity or as a base before applying perfluorinated waxes FP4.

Red low fluor glider is to be used for all snow conditions and snow in transformation at snow temperature -3°/-7°C and air humidity 30%-60%.

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Fluorinated solid paraffin for racing use as final product or as a base before applying fluorocarbon waxes FP4.

Use for all type of snow with temperature from -7°C to -3°C. Air humidity from 30% to 60%.

In case of new or conserved abrasive snow, artificial snow and springtime icy snow, mix LP2 RED with LP2 GREEN.

Iron temperature 130°/140°C.

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