Gallium Giga Speed Solid WET +10°...-5°C, 10g

Temperature: +10°...-5°C
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Gigaspeed Solid Wet - solid Topping designed for warm temperature and wet and dirty snow condition.

  • Contains Gallium and Fluoro.
  • Works on wet, very wet, dirty snow at temperatures between -5°C and +10°C.
  • Keep this in your pocket to renew excisting Topping.
  • This wax has special glide in warm, wet and dirty snow condition, during spring.

​GIGA SPEED SOLID series are 100% fluor block that can be applied without ironing. So you can apply anytime anywhere.

These products are selected by many WC racers especially Alpine division who cannot use iron at start gate.

Just rub it on ski sole and finish up with finishing cork, it is quite easy as instant waxes :)

And of course, you can apply Maxfluor series on this as another fluor layer.

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