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Skin Waxes

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  • Toko Skin Cleaner, 70ml

    Toko Skin Cleaner, 70ml


    Gentle cleaning fluid for cross-country skin skis and touring skins. It removes all types of dirt and residues from the skins.

  • SWIX N16 Skin Cleaner 70 ml

    SWIX N16 Skin Cleaner 70 ml


    Swix Skin Cleaner is developed to clean integrated skins in a gentle way, without affecting the skin glue. Over time skins pick up wax leftovers, dirt and pollution from the snow, which will make the skin both slower and less effective. By using the Swix Skin Cleaner you will help restore the properties of the skin and increase its efficiency. To be used after skiing: Spray cleaner on paper and clean the skin in a tip-to-tail direction.

  • SWIX N15 Skin Care Spray, 70ml

    SWIX N15 Skin Care Spray, 70ml


    Swix Skin Care is developed to protect integrated skins from icing and to improve the glide properties. The risk of icing is in particular present around zero when the snow is changing from wet to dry. In these conditions the Skin Care works as an impregnation preventing the ice from building up. The skin’s glide properties are improved in all conditions as the Skin Care reduces the friction between the skin and the snow. For the best possible glide experience, the Skin Care can also be applied in the glide section of the ski.

  • SWIX N12C Skin Wax Spray, 150ml

    SWIX N12C Skin Wax Spray, 150ml


    Low fluoro anti-icing and glider spray for skin patterns on skin ski, but will work well on zero/hairies and fish-scale waxless skis. Recommended for all temps, but especially important with fresh, sticky snow around the freezing point. For best results, apply a thin layer to skin or waxless pattern at room temp on a dry ski if possible. 150ml spray bottle.

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